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what is pedigree

What is a Pedigree?
A pedigree is used by rabbit breeders to record the parentage of rabbits of a specific breed and to show that a specific rabbit is purebred. If you ever want to get a rabbit registered and grand championed you will need a pedigree.
How to Use These Pedigrees
For those of you new to filling out a pedigree here is some information you might find helpful. Blank Generic Rabbit Pedigree: Center Top under Rabbit Pedigree has a place for you to put whatever breed of rabbit that pedigree is for To the left is a place for you to put your information The first box on the left in the center is to put the information of the baby rabbit (kit) Name is the name of the rabbit. Many people use their rabbitry name and then a name for the kit. Ex. ABOB's Midnight Sky (ABOB is the abrieviation for my rabbitry A Basket of Blessings) You could put your name (ex. Dawn's Midnight Sky) if you don't have a rabbitry name. Alot of people do even if they have a rabbitry name. You could just put your name and leave the rest blank for the new owner to fill in. I do this with kits I am selling (ex. ABOB's ____________________________) Then the color of the rabbit comes next

The ear # of the rabbit - you can leave this blank and let the new owner give one later if you don't want to assign ear numbers right now. This is a means of identifying the rabbit for future reference. It also helps when selling rabbits of the same color. If I have say 2 torts and 5 black torts tattoing them with an ear # will help me to eventually tell them apart when I go to sell them. Also if anyone has a question about a rabbit I sold I can look up the information on that rabbit by looking up it's ear #. Next is the DOB or date of birth Then the sex - buck (boy) or doe (girl) Wt is the weight of the rabbit. Unless the rabbit is an adult (6 months) I leave this blank Reg. # is for registered numbers & GC # is for Grand Champion numbers so don't fill this out unless the rabbit has them. The new owner will fill those out later if they apply. Winnings: Legs - the number of wins a rabbit has. When a rabbit wins its class and there is enough competitors they win a leg. If a rabbit gets 3 legs and is registered, you can apply to have the rabbit Grand Championed. You must be an ARBA member to do this. The next two boxes are for the kit rabbit's parents. Sire is the dad and Dam is the mom. Then there are the grandparents and great grandparents of the kit. When you have filled in all this information you have a full pedigree. All the rabbits must be purebred rabbits of the same breed. Check it over with for any corrections and then you sign it at the bottom under: This pedigree is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Rabbit Pedigree question?

On a pedigree
, you are right, there are all spaces like that. The breeder is supposed to fill in thecolor and weight (in pounds and ounces) and they are supposed to include the Ear Number (the number tattoed in the rabbit's left ear). What you were referring to as legs, doesn't refer to describing the rabbit's actual legs. It describes that rabbit's winnings. A rabbit shown in a class with at least 5 rabbits and with at least 3 different breeders, if that rabbit wins its class it gets a "leg" or certificate saying that it won a first place. If a rabbit wins 3 legs it can apply for a Grand Champion.

That blank space you referred to could either be for the rabbit's name or for the rabbit's ear number. Usually there is a space for each. You might check that your rabbit has an ear number in its left ear and record that. And make sure you record that on the pedigree if it isn't on there. If it is the name, then put whatever name you want to call the rabbit in the space, since you do own the rabbit now and it is your right to name it. But do not change anything regarding the ancestors. The person who sold you the rabbit signed that pedigree stating that it was true.