Sunday, December 4, 2011

HAGEN VISION bird cage Suitable for sugar glider

83255 Vision Medium Bird Cage, Tall M02

- Small wire
- 60.9 (24") x 38.1 (15") x 87.6 cm (34 1/2")
- Green perches
- Green food and water dishes
- Budgies, Canaries, Lovebirds and Finches
- Use stand 83270 or cabinet 83272


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rabbit ABC Glossary... 'A'

ABSCESS or BOIL - A localized area of inflammation couse by an infection under the skin, in a gland, or in a hair follicle. It may produce localized, swelling, heat, ad redness. It is sometimes characterized by swollen, inflamed tissue, where pus gathers. A disqualification from competition.

ADULT - A mature rabbit of breeding age. For show qualification see senior

AGOUTI PATTERN - A hair Shaft that has three or more bands of color,  with a definite break between each color. It usually has dark slate at the base, with two or more alternating light or dark bands of color, which if further interspersed with contrasting guard hairs. The head, feet, and ear usually have ticking. Eye circles, belly, under jaws, underside of tail, and triangle are much lighter (may be white for some cases) and do not carry ticking.

ALBINO - A white rabbit with pink eyes caused by a recessive gene.

ARCH - The Gentle curvature of the spine, extending from the neck (or shoulders in some breeds) to the rear of the rabbit. This is the best observed by viewing the animal side profile.

AWN FLUFF - The soft, crimped, intermediate wool fibers ending with a straight tip. A type of wool fiber describe in the Giant Angora standard.

AWN HAIR - The strong, straight, guard hair protruding above the undercoat in the Giant Angora.

this is a glossary of words and term specific to rabbits and rabbit showing. These are not necessarily the dictionary definitions.
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