Thursday, May 27, 2010

lagi mix breed for sale 27/5/2010

Mix breed
Dam : Chesnut
Sire : Caremel Dutch (eye 2 color blue/brown)
D.o.B : 3 april 2010
qty : 4 (all buck!!)
price : RM35/each

berminat boleh la hubungi saya..
shah- 0133805979

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mix. Breed for sale 21/5/2010

Mix breed
Dam : Dutch Blue
Sire : Unknown
D.o.B : March 2010
qty : 3

Male (buck)
blue eye

female (doe)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nopstress (RED) -RM18/pct

Nopstress -with electrolytes

contains per 150g:
Vit A - 1.0mil IU
Vit. D3 - 200,000 ICU
Vit. E - 300 IU
Vit. B6 - 200mg
Vit. B12 - 1.0mg
Ascorbic Acid - 2,000mg
Folic Acid - 25mg
Vitamin K(MSB) - 500mg

Contains Electrlytes of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium as the Chloride, Acetate and Diacetate salts.

Direction for use:
for tank and barrels
disolved 150g (1pct) in 200L of water. mix throughly

for automatic medicators
Dissolved 375g in 4L of water. Set medicator to deliver 40ml of solution/4L of drinking water.

Use as sole source of water
Make sufficient fresh solution daily and to be consumed within 24hr. change madicated water every 24 hrs.

Monday, May 10, 2010

stok rabbit baru ready for sale!!!!

adult ND Siamese sable & Chinchilla
induk tgh bunting -Available-

REX 1 pair
age 5 month
RM500/ekor (nego)-Booked-



Teddy Bear
RM230/ekor (nego)

Mix ND Buck RM100/ekor (6 month) dwaft size!!!

REX Black Otter
2 month
RM250/ekor - available-

Natherland Dwaft
Black Otter - Buck
3 month
RM250/ekor - available-

lain-lain baka sedia untuk tempahan
call /sms

untuk yg berminat dengan GP dibawah ... sedia untuk ditempah
RM1k /ekor(comelkan???? try tgk yg dalam cage tuh jugak... heheheh)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stok Rabbit Baru telah tiba....

sape mau leh la calling2 n tgk tgk dulu....
stok yg ade kat reban aku skrg..

internet down wat masenih... nanti aku kasi update gambar

1 female rex 3 month (black otter)
1 pair rex 5 month (broken blue & black otter)
2 pair teddy bear
1 pair Natherlad Dwaft(black & grey)

sedia untuk di rebut....

sms or call
shah - 0133805979

Coordinates: 2°54'48"N 101°43'28"E
link to my place, click here

Friday, May 7, 2010

Living World Drinking Bottle

Living World Drinking Bottle

botol minuman yang boleh disangkut kan pada cage haiwan kesayangan anda
Water bottle for small animal
leak-proof !

The water bottle with the leak proof spout attaches easily to the out side of the cage with the wire holder. made with durable plastic, the closed system help them to keep contaminats out and is easy to clean.

Attach the water bottle securely to the cage in vertical position, not at an angel. Be sure that the spout is well above the bedding, but still within easy reach of your pet. Ensure that bedding or food is not trapped in the spout to avoid leakage.

the water bottle should be re-filled daily with fresh water. periodic cleaning with tepid, soapy water is recommended. Rinse throughout before re-filling with fresh water.

60ml - RM8
112ml - RM10
225ml - RM12
450ml - RM14
900ml - RM18

product by HAGEN

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rabbit Plastic Board Step

Size : 12" x 22" - RM20

kurang risiko kena sore hock pada rabbit
boleh letak dalam cage