Monday, April 25, 2011



It begins with the free rabbit that your friend offers you. He thought it was a male, and was surprised to find that he now owns seven rabbits instead of one.

So you get the Rabbit Starter Kit (150.00~).
Then you buy all the rabbit books that the pet store has, along with worth of Rabbit Treats and chew toys. (75.00~)

Then you find out that the books were written in 1950 and are mostly wrong. The Rabbit Treat is too rich for them. The starter kit is full of things like alfalfa and cedar shavings that are bad for rabbits. The bunny ignores the chew toys - what they really want is paper and cardboard.

You also discover that the cage you bought is inappropriate for rabbits and just about any other small animal. Moved by guilt, you purchase a better cage with a nice pan underneath (+65.00).

You hear that rabbits can be litter-trained, so you buy a litter pan and kitty litter. (10.00~) The clay litter turns out to be not so good, so you replace it with a flushable litter (20.00~).
The paper and cardboard cause intestinal blockage which requires surgery (another 100.00~).

And their nails grow too long and you try to cut them, but the bunny amputates one of your fingers, so you pay a vet to do it (25.00~ for nail clipping; 75.00 for YOUR doctor visit).

You discover that you have one of those rabbits which need their teeth trimmed, too! (15.00~+)
Then he pees all over and humps your foot, so you pay to have him neutered (75.00~).

Then he discovers your computer and chews through the power cable and printer cord (15.00~).
He ruins your antique furniture and chews up the baseboards (~ whole lot).

It turns out that SHE is a HE. He starts digging in the wall to wall carpeting, creating a huge hole. He eats the stuff underneath, requiring another trip to the vet for surgery. The landlord finds out and you are forced to leave, forgoing your security deposit ( 300.00 and up!). That's not mentioning the new security deposit and moving costs....

The phone goes dead and you see the last of the cord disappearing into bunny's mouth. He eats the phone book for dessert. You get smart and you rabbit-proof the house ($~100-).

And then he jumps up on your lap and rubs your nose with his. "Awww," you say, "It's all worth it."

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