Thursday, April 28, 2011

ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit Show entry form...

ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit Show entry form...


I would like to share the latest news on the ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit Show that will be held on the 4th of June 2011 in Midvalley Exhibition Centre. The show will go on as scheduled. Only the organizer will change, not MROC anymore.

So, I would like to share this link, so you can download the latest entry form. Please fill the form and send it as soon as possible. The deadline for the forms to reach the organizer is on 15th of May 2011. So, hurry up! Start downloading here

AK ciplak n salinan dari ar-raudah rabbitry

sekadar pemberitahuan to all kipas susah mati (die hard fan) arnab...

Monday, April 25, 2011



It begins with the free rabbit that your friend offers you. He thought it was a male, and was surprised to find that he now owns seven rabbits instead of one.

So you get the Rabbit Starter Kit (150.00~).
Then you buy all the rabbit books that the pet store has, along with worth of Rabbit Treats and chew toys. (75.00~)

Then you find out that the books were written in 1950 and are mostly wrong. The Rabbit Treat is too rich for them. The starter kit is full of things like alfalfa and cedar shavings that are bad for rabbits. The bunny ignores the chew toys - what they really want is paper and cardboard.

You also discover that the cage you bought is inappropriate for rabbits and just about any other small animal. Moved by guilt, you purchase a better cage with a nice pan underneath (+65.00).

You hear that rabbits can be litter-trained, so you buy a litter pan and kitty litter. (10.00~) The clay litter turns out to be not so good, so you replace it with a flushable litter (20.00~).
The paper and cardboard cause intestinal blockage which requires surgery (another 100.00~).

And their nails grow too long and you try to cut them, but the bunny amputates one of your fingers, so you pay a vet to do it (25.00~ for nail clipping; 75.00 for YOUR doctor visit).

You discover that you have one of those rabbits which need their teeth trimmed, too! (15.00~+)
Then he pees all over and humps your foot, so you pay to have him neutered (75.00~).

Then he discovers your computer and chews through the power cable and printer cord (15.00~).
He ruins your antique furniture and chews up the baseboards (~ whole lot).

It turns out that SHE is a HE. He starts digging in the wall to wall carpeting, creating a huge hole. He eats the stuff underneath, requiring another trip to the vet for surgery. The landlord finds out and you are forced to leave, forgoing your security deposit ( 300.00 and up!). That's not mentioning the new security deposit and moving costs....

The phone goes dead and you see the last of the cord disappearing into bunny's mouth. He eats the phone book for dessert. You get smart and you rabbit-proof the house ($~100-).

And then he jumps up on your lap and rubs your nose with his. "Awww," you say, "It's all worth it."

Sunday, April 24, 2011

what is pedigree

What is a Pedigree?
A pedigree is used by rabbit breeders to record the parentage of rabbits of a specific breed and to show that a specific rabbit is purebred. If you ever want to get a rabbit registered and grand championed you will need a pedigree.
How to Use These Pedigrees
For those of you new to filling out a pedigree here is some information you might find helpful. Blank Generic Rabbit Pedigree: Center Top under Rabbit Pedigree has a place for you to put whatever breed of rabbit that pedigree is for To the left is a place for you to put your information The first box on the left in the center is to put the information of the baby rabbit (kit) Name is the name of the rabbit. Many people use their rabbitry name and then a name for the kit. Ex. ABOB's Midnight Sky (ABOB is the abrieviation for my rabbitry A Basket of Blessings) You could put your name (ex. Dawn's Midnight Sky) if you don't have a rabbitry name. Alot of people do even if they have a rabbitry name. You could just put your name and leave the rest blank for the new owner to fill in. I do this with kits I am selling (ex. ABOB's ____________________________) Then the color of the rabbit comes next

The ear # of the rabbit - you can leave this blank and let the new owner give one later if you don't want to assign ear numbers right now. This is a means of identifying the rabbit for future reference. It also helps when selling rabbits of the same color. If I have say 2 torts and 5 black torts tattoing them with an ear # will help me to eventually tell them apart when I go to sell them. Also if anyone has a question about a rabbit I sold I can look up the information on that rabbit by looking up it's ear #. Next is the DOB or date of birth Then the sex - buck (boy) or doe (girl) Wt is the weight of the rabbit. Unless the rabbit is an adult (6 months) I leave this blank Reg. # is for registered numbers & GC # is for Grand Champion numbers so don't fill this out unless the rabbit has them. The new owner will fill those out later if they apply. Winnings: Legs - the number of wins a rabbit has. When a rabbit wins its class and there is enough competitors they win a leg. If a rabbit gets 3 legs and is registered, you can apply to have the rabbit Grand Championed. You must be an ARBA member to do this. The next two boxes are for the kit rabbit's parents. Sire is the dad and Dam is the mom. Then there are the grandparents and great grandparents of the kit. When you have filled in all this information you have a full pedigree. All the rabbits must be purebred rabbits of the same breed. Check it over with for any corrections and then you sign it at the bottom under: This pedigree is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Rabbit Pedigree question?

On a pedigree
, you are right, there are all spaces like that. The breeder is supposed to fill in thecolor and weight (in pounds and ounces) and they are supposed to include the Ear Number (the number tattoed in the rabbit's left ear). What you were referring to as legs, doesn't refer to describing the rabbit's actual legs. It describes that rabbit's winnings. A rabbit shown in a class with at least 5 rabbits and with at least 3 different breeders, if that rabbit wins its class it gets a "leg" or certificate saying that it won a first place. If a rabbit wins 3 legs it can apply for a Grand Champion.

That blank space you referred to could either be for the rabbit's name or for the rabbit's ear number. Usually there is a space for each. You might check that your rabbit has an ear number in its left ear and record that. And make sure you record that on the pedigree if it isn't on there. If it is the name, then put whatever name you want to call the rabbit in the space, since you do own the rabbit now and it is your right to name it. But do not change anything regarding the ancestors. The person who sold you the rabbit signed that pedigree stating that it was true.

Friday, April 22, 2011

limited edtion arnabkus 'got rabbit?' T-shirt

Arnabkus limited edition "got rabbit?" T-shirt
Setelah diteliti n dinilai...
ni la rupa t-shirt yg akan di print tak lame lagi
arnabkus telah membuat keputusan untuk tempah baju kaler merah.
Kain high grade 210g/m^3
Untuk jadikan baju diatas betul2 limited edition, Arnabkus hanya akan tempah 10-15 helai sahaja..
so sape cepat dia punye lah...
sape sape yg berminat boleh la kemukan saiz baju pesanan anda kepada email arnabkus..
email :
harga: RM20 jer...

bagi sape yg nak jugak baju camnih tapi nak baju kaler lain ker, lengan panjang ker, boleh la berhubung melalui email or FB
untuk baju diatas hanya ade lengan pendek sahaja

dan juga....

satu lagi baju dengan design yg sama tapi ade sedikit berbeza lah...
harga lebih murah RM18 jer
kualiti kain lebih rendah 100% cotton single jersey 180g/m^3
warna baju putih sahaja...
special order, if nak kaler lain RM19

special for pre order...
tarikh tutup order 5 may2011... pastu baru nak g print


Monday, April 18, 2011

Sape Nak T-shirt nih???

sape nak t-shirt arnabkus limited edition nih??? (kemungkinan ade 10-20 helai jer nih)
sila angkat tangan macam Usop Wilcha tanpa henti.... hehehehe
rase2 perlu ubah lagi tak design nih, selain dari tukar kaler baju???

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tattoo Rabbit

Tattoo @ cacah ....
Tattoo ni adalah num @ abjad untuk pengenalan diletakkan secara kekal pada kulit

ni terjemahan dari en. wiki
"A tattoo is a marking made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons"

kenapa kena tattoo???
Tattoo pada telinga kiri rabbit adalah sangat penting bagi pengenalan kekal bagi haiwan tersebut, tattoo ini juga diperlukan sebelum rabbit anda dibenarkan untuk bertanding pada show arnab yg diadakan...( MROC 1st & 2nd ARBA Sanctioned Open Double All Breed Rabbit Show pada 4 jun 2011 di Midvalley ni pun kena ada tattoo kat telinga sebagai syarat2nye..kalau pakai yg tak permanant macam cop stamp pad tuh kompom dapat DQ @ Disqualified jer kalau masuk)

walaupun arnab anda tak masuk bertanding sekali pun... sy anggap tattoo ni penting sebagai ID sekiranya arnab anda dijumpai semula setelah hilang or kena curik dek jiran2 sebelah menyebelah...

cuba korang bayangkan kalau korang bela NZW sahaja ... jangan kata nak beza 200 ekor... kalau ade 20 ekor camana nak beza tuh???
kan senang kalau pakai Tattoo untuk ID...

Bila nak Tattoo nih..???
-Selalunye breeder yang amalkan tattoo untuk rabbit ni akan men'tattoo'kan rabbit diorang semasa penyapihan @ weaning @ putus susu (6-8 minggu)bagi memudahkan pengecaman & memasukkan data ..
-ape lagi time nak bawak g bertanding kat show la...

tattoo kat mana??
Tattoo secara standardnya pada telinga sebelah KIRI SAHAJA rabbit anda.
kenapa tak boleh telinga kanan???
telinga kanan untuk rabbit yg dapat GC or register sahaja... dan hanya ditattoo oleh official rabbit ragistra sahaja

apa ada pada tattoo tu??
pengenalan kekal yg terdiri dari num @ abjad atau kombinasi kedua-duanya.

camana tattoo tuh??
ade pelbegai jenis... kebiasaanya guna tattoo clap ataupun tattoo pen

arnab tu sakit tak time kena tattoo??
korang sakit tak kalau kena tindik telinga,sakit kan... keadaannya mungkin berbeza mengikut Individu .. mungkin 1 dari 10 @ 15 orang yg akan menjerit macam nak tercabut nyawa kalau kena tindik nih... begitu la jugak diumpamakan dengan men'tattoo' rabbit nih.. ala sekali jer seumur hidup... kalau dapat GC (grand Champion ) baru leh kena tattoo sekali lagi belah kanan lak...

mana ok.. pakai clamp ker pakai pen???
pada pendapat aku ler... clamp lagi kurang menyeksa rabit ... coz rabbit akan rase seksa tak sapai 2 saat pun... tapi kalau pen nih sepanjang tempoh kita menulis kat telinga dia tu dia rase sakit... itu pendapat aku sahaja... pendapat korang camana???

ape huruf boleh letak??
secara ringkasnye - ikut suka hati den lah nak taruk apo pun.. arnab den bukan arnab ekau....

special services akan diberikan..

more info akan diupload untuk post akan datang....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pre-Order Hay untuk bulan MAY 2011 RM7/kg - dah habis

Promosi Bulan MAY 2011
Pre Order Only!!!!!

jualan hay pada harga terendah

RM7 / kg

(untuk semua jenis hay yg ada di
(termasuklah Alfalfa Hay Compress RM12 , Alfalfa Hay Straw RM14, Premium Chopped Alfalfa RM15, Timothy Hay RM10, Meadow Hay RM15)

-Tarikh Tutup order : 30 april 2011 (last order 8mlm)
Tempahan hanya melalui borang online dibawah sahaja
-Deposit hangus : 30% dari jumlah keseluruhan tempahan
-Pengesahan tempahan setelah deposit diterima
-min. order 1kg
-stok limited (hanya untuk yg terawal sahaja)
-Harga yg tertera tidak termsuk kos penghantaran / pos.
Hay yg diorder boleh dituntut n membuat full payment selepas 5 MAY 2011
pembayaran boleh dibuat melalui :-
(shahril edzham jemali)
MAYBANK : 1621 4301 3602
CIMB : 1211 0014 7215 22

Arnabkus Hay Offer MAY2011

Nama Penuh *

Email *

Num Tel. *

Alamat *

timothy hay

qty timothy hay

Alfalfa Hay Straw

qty alfalfa hay straw

Alfalfa Hay Compress

qty alfalfa hay compress

Premium Chopped Alfalfa

qty Premium chopped alfalfa

Meadow Hay

qty Meadow hay

Total (kg) hay x RM7

Sila buat pembayaran deposit sebanyak 30% bagi pengesahan pesanan.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UltraVite Vita-Sol Multi Vitamin

High potency daily liquid supplement
A water soluble multivitamin concentrate which supplies important vitamins essential for proper growth and maintenance of your hamster or gerbil. To be add directly to drinking water
Water, Polysorbate 80, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Vitamin A Palmitate, Ascorbic Acid (source of Vitamin C), Riboflavin-5 - Phosphate, Sodium Benzoate (a preservative), Thiamine Hydrochloride, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (source of Vitamin E), and Cholecalciferol (source of Vitamin D3).

High potency multivitamin supplements for your gerbil, hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, or hamster
* Helps ensure proper growth and nutrition
* Simply add to drinking water
Ultra multivitamin to care for your small furry friends. Vita-Sol for Hamsters & Gerbils is vital for the proper growth and nutrition of your gerbil or hamster. An easy, effective solution for the well-being of your favorite pet. Supplies 9 important vitamins essential for your small pet's good health. For hamsters and gerbils.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Omega Oil For animal

A supplement for animals deficient in essential fatty
acids to help maintain a healthy skin and coat.

What are essential fatty acids (EFAs)?

EFAs are the polyunsaturated omega 3 & 6 components
of fat that are essential to normal biological function.
They cannot be synthesised by the body and must
therefore be supplied in the diet. EFA deficiency in
animals is often characterised by poor skin condition
and a dull, coarse or uneven coat.

The Omega Oil contains the following EFAs and
fat-soluble vitamins:
Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to help maintain a healthy skin
and coat condition.
Vitamin A for vision and maintenance of skin tissue.
Vitamin D3 for bone growth and absorption of calcium.
Vitamin E which is an antioxidant and helps maintain
cell membranes.

0.5mL per kg of body weight applied daily to food
for 2 weeks, thereafter every second day. The highly
palatable oil is readily accepted by most animals.