Tuesday, February 28, 2012

arnab sy bunting ker tak?? camana nak check??

arnabkus download 2 : Seni memeriksa arnab bunting

arnabkus download 2
The Art of Palpation
from arba

ketahui cara -cara memeriksa arnab yang bunting...

nak tau bagaimana???
pelajari cara nya....

practice make perfect....

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

arnabkus download 1.. meat production

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Panduan menternak arnab daging dari belakang rumah dinegara uncle sam Texas...

selamat membaca

ilmu yg ingin dikongsi bersama....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rabbit ABC Glossary... 'B'

BACK -  The top portion of shoulders, loin, and hindquarters.

BALANCE -(1)Type--Shape or conformation. An orderly and pleasing arrangement of physical characteristics, so as to present a harmonious appearance. (2)Marking--Equal distribution of corresponding marking, such as color divisions of the Harlequin, or equal amounts of color on the cheeks of the Dutch. Equal distribution of color in the pattern and side markings of the Checkered Giant, English Spot, and Rhinelender.

BAND -An unbroken vertical circle of marking color around the body of Harlequin.

BANDING -A hair shaft having various colors. Normally associated with an agouti coat.

BANGS -The longer wool appearing at the front base of the ears and top of the head in some wool breeds.

BAR - A semicircle of marking color, running vertically on the sides or body of the Harlequin.

BARRED - (1)Elongated spots which should be round. (As found in the side marking of the Rhinelander or  English Spot, or the cheek spots of the Rhinelander, English Spot, or Checkered Giant.) (2)Light colored streaks or bars on the front or rear feet.

BASE COLOR or UNDERCOLOR - The fur color at the base of the fur shaft nest to the skin.

BELLEARS - Ears that have large, heavy tips with distinctive fall or lop.

BELLY -The abdomen, from the last rib to pelvis, containening primarily the organ digestion

BELLY COLOR - The color on the underside of the rabbit extending from the forelegs to the crotch area.

BLAZE - The white marking found on the face of a Dutch. It should be medium wide and wedge shaped, covering the nose, whisker bed, and tapering up to the ears, where it joins the hair line. The blaze is to continue to the cheeks and should be well rounded and follow the jaw line after passing the whisker bed.

BLEMISH - Any defect or fault which detracts from the appearance.

BLOOM -  The vitality and finish of a coat in good condition.

BOB TAIL - A tail noticeably shorter than normal. A disqualification from competition.

BOIL or ABSCESS - A localized area of inflammation caused by an infection under the skin, in a gland, or in a hair follicle. It may produce localized swelling, heat and redness. It is sometimes characterized by swollen, inflamed tissue, where pus gather. A disqualification from competition.

BONE - The term used to describe the skeletal structure of a rabbit.

BOOTS - The colored markings on the feet and legs of Pointed Pattern rabbits.

BOWED LEGS - May be applied to the fore & hind legs. Bent like a bow. Legs that are curved outwardly or inwardly from the middle. A disqualification from competition.

BREED - A class of domestic rabbits that reproduces itself with distinctive characteristic, such as fur, marking, shape, and size.

BREEDER - (1) Anyone who raises a breed or variety of rabbits which complies with the Standard of Perfection. (2)A rabbit used primarily to produce offspring.

BREEDING CERTIFICATE - A written certificate, issue by the owner of a stud buck, showing its pedigree and the date of breeding to a particular doe. It is issued as proof of the ancestry of the anticipated litter.

BRINDLE - An inter mixture of two colors without definite pattern.

BRINDLING - The longer tan tipped guard hairs carried up the flanks and hindquarter of Tan Pattern rabbits.

BROKEN COAT - Fur with guard hairs missing or broken, exposing the undercoat. A coat that is affected by molt, exposing the undercoat.

BUCK - An intact male rabbits.

BUCK TEETH - see wolf teeth. A disqualification in competition.

BULL DOG HEAD - A short, broad, bold head, with a definite masculine appearance.

BUTTERFLY - A nose marking found on some marked breeds and Broken varieties. The wing positions cover the whisker bed and upper lip, with the body or nose fork extending up the center of the face.

BUTTING TEETH - A form of malocclusion, where the incisors meet evenly, without  the upper incisors overlapping the lower incisors in proper structure. A disqualification from competition.

this is a glossary of words and term specific to rabbits and rabbit showing. These are not necessarily the dictionary definitions.
Standard of Perfection 2011-2015 by ARBA. Inc.