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CAT'S BEST Universal - the natural fibre plant litter for all small animals

CAT'S BEST Universal - the natural fibre plant litter for all small animals

The perfect universal bedding solution: the optimal bedding solution for many pets and birds - especially when several different kinds of pets live under one roof.

e.g. for
Guinea pigs
and many types of birds

Ideal for daily cleaning.

Special effective as additional bedding in areas of high moisture such as around the drinking bottle or containcer, etc.

These advantages are convincing

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high absorption

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lasting moisture binding

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excellent odour binding

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ecological: 100% pure organic fibres

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100% compostable and biodegradable

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significantly less waste

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naturally fragrant - no artificial additives

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easier to transport

CAT'S BEST Universal - product features which are convincing:

High absorption

Catsbest with high suction power

CAT'S BEST Universal Pellets are extremely absorbent! Thanks to the organic fibre's lasting capillary effect, the odours and moisture are bound up inside the fibres. The absorption of CAT'S BEST Universal is far superior to normal saw dust and wood shaving products.

Hygiene without germs or spores

Catsbest Universal - hygiene without germs and spores

CAT'S BEST Universal ensures lasting and perfect hygiene: ustained for perfect hygiene: CAT'S BEST Universal pellets are free from germs and spores. Problems such as those with e.g., straw bedding products, are eliminated from the very start.

100% pure organic fibres

Catsbest Eco Plus 100% pure plant fibers

CAT'S BEST Universal is produced from the finest organic fibre. This fibre comes from untreated, domestic fir and spruce wood which accumulates naturally in the environmental cycle. By using this wood, we help maintain healthy forests.

At the same time, our plant fiber products are subject to the environmentally compatible natural biological cycle from the plant seedling to the rotting biological decomposition product.

100% compostable and biodegradable

Cinsiderable decrease of waste:

as a plant fiber product CAT'S BEST Universal is compostable and completely biologically decompostable.

Save expensive waste disposal costs - and at the same time protect the environment!

Tested quality

CAT'S BEST Universal has been tested by the independent testing agency Stiftung Warentest in their 2/93 issue and was found to be of the best quality with excellent value for money: of 24 bedding litters tested, CAT'S BEST Universal was in the top group.

Another, concrete benefit of our organic raw material:
with the same absorption CAT'S BEST Universal is so much easier, better and more energy efficient to transport than, for instance, mineral bedding products.

CAT'S BEST Universal - the natural fibre plant litter for all small animals (10 L)RM36 only!!!

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