Friday, August 13, 2010

Le salon Nail Scissors

Le salon Claw Scissors
for sharp and precise nail cutting & easy to use
Inspect nails to locate the blood vessel (the "quick"). On light colored nail, the quick is found at the border (base)portion of the nail, it is pink and easy visible. On dark nails trim only the tips of the nails. Press thumb above the claw, holding skin & fur out of the way to prevent the claw from withdrawing into the sheath. Place nail in groove in scissors and cut in one smooth stroke. regular nail clipping will cause the blood vessel to retreat overtime, reducing risk of accidental bleeding. Always keep a cautery substance on hand while trimming to stop bleeding, if necessary.
Size : S (RM12)
size : L (RM14)
Product from :HAGEN
call/sms :
shah - 013 380 5979

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