Friday, May 7, 2010

Living World Drinking Bottle

Living World Drinking Bottle

botol minuman yang boleh disangkut kan pada cage haiwan kesayangan anda
Water bottle for small animal
leak-proof !

The water bottle with the leak proof spout attaches easily to the out side of the cage with the wire holder. made with durable plastic, the closed system help them to keep contaminats out and is easy to clean.

Attach the water bottle securely to the cage in vertical position, not at an angel. Be sure that the spout is well above the bedding, but still within easy reach of your pet. Ensure that bedding or food is not trapped in the spout to avoid leakage.

the water bottle should be re-filled daily with fresh water. periodic cleaning with tepid, soapy water is recommended. Rinse throughout before re-filling with fresh water.

60ml - RM8
112ml - RM10
225ml - RM12
450ml - RM14
900ml - RM18

product by HAGEN

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