Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ECOB animal bedding (imported from Austrlia)

ECOB is the result of extensive research and testing for a healthier, alternative animal bedding and is recognised by veterinarians, trainers and owners. It is 100% recycled, high quality corrugated cardboard and paper that has been processed into cardboard chips or paper strips. ECOB is eco-friendly and completely biodegradable.

ECOB proudly introduces this product to Australia. Corrugated cardboard and shredded paper animal bedding has been utilised in the UK and Europe for the past 26 years and is enjoying increased popularity in the United States.

ECOB can be used in a similar way to wood shavings but is easier to handle when bedding down and mucking out. Corrugated cardboard bedding doesn't break down into dust with use. Cardboard and paper form soft, comfortable beds that, unlike wood-based beddings, don't stick to your animals' coats or fur.

The corrugation in the cardboard enables it to hold up to three times its weight in water and provides channels for fluids to flow through to the floor allowing absorption from the bottom up - greatly reducing ammonia levels and creating a virtually odour free environment that leaves your animals drier, warmer and cleaner.

ECOB is free from seeds, fungal spores and toxins, greatly reducing the chance of infections and secondary infections, especially after surgical procedures. It is recommended for animals with respiratory problems making it ideal for Asthma and allergy sufferers (people, animals and birds) or horses with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD / heaves).
It is suitable for, but not limited to:

* horses
* livestock such as sheep, cattle, pigs
* lambing pens
* game birds such as ducks, geese and pheasants
* poultry and turkey rearing industries
* dogs/kennels
* cats/catteries
* llamas and alpacas
* guinea pigs and hamsters
* rats and mice
* rabbits
* ferrets
* birds and nesting boxes
* parrots
* lizards and other reptiles
* animal nurseries
* veterinary practices
* hobby farms

What would you rather sleep on!

About ECOB
The animal yard or stall is the most important place for our large animals just as the cage or aquarium is important to our smaller animals. It is the place they feed, where grooming takes place, where they are tacked and bathed and where they live and the decisions we make for our animals, both large and small, are of great importance. Providing a safe yard, stall or cage for your animals includes the safety of their health and ensuring proper bedding is the first place to begin.

Animals are as susceptive to respiratory conditions, disease and ailments as humans are. The use of sawdust bedding, rice hull bedding, wood shavings for horse stalls and other conventional bedding options have been used for years and with a multitude of problems. Of the problems associated with these more traditional beddings are: increased infections of wounds, restricted airways and the impact on the environment.

Infections often set in on wounds due to the toxins, fungal spores and the decay of seeds that can often be found in many animal bedding materials such as rice hull bedding. ECOB material is the safe alternative that helps to prevent infections in wounds. Only food grade cardboard chips are used in our animal bedding including our horse bedding, insuring the cleanliness as well as safety should the animal chew or eat the bedding material.

Respiratory problems including asthma, allergies and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are often a problem with small and large animals. Sawdust bedding and shavings for horse stalls as well as other conventional bedding supplies create dust that can cause or irritate respiratory ailments in animals as well as humans. A dust free product, such as cardboard chips, for animals including horse bedding will help prevent the potentially fatal respiratory problems in both the animals and the humans who are in close contact with the yard, stall or cage.

There are many advantages to the use of quality cardboard chips for animal bedding besides the reduced incidence of infections, reduce incidence of respiratory disease and reduction of problems associated with respiratory disease. Cardboard chips used in animal bedding are a result of the recycling of food grade cardboard materials making it environmentally friendly. The cardboard chips are more absorbent than most other materials and can absorb up to three times its weight! It also last longer than conventional bedding materials and leaves no ammonia smell behind.

The disposal of ECOB is another benefit to its use; after use it can be added to the garden for fertilizer or used in gardening as a mulch. Your supplies of ECOB is so economical, clean and environmentally friendly that it can be used for gardening as a mulch before being used as well as being used for packaging supplies. As we go forth in looking for renewable resources and environmentally friendly resources such as recycled materials it only makes since to extend this in our animal bedding, gardening and packaging supplies.

For healthier animals use ECOB instead of:

* Shavings for horse stalls
* Rice Hull bedding
* Sawdust bedding

For the following reasons:

1. Won't block animal's airways.
2. Will help avoid infection.
3. Environmentally friendly.
4. Soaks up to "three times its weight".
5. Lasts longer.
6. No ammonia smell

*akan bersambung lagi kegunaanye
-sedia untuk tempahan

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