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show checklist & Registering Holland Lops Rabbits

show checklist!!!

TO DO...
Make a note on any rabbit that needs registered.
Get out a map and plan your trip.
Check all rabbits for general DQ's
Fill your vehicle up with gas
Clean show carriers and other equipment
Go to bank and get cash--if needed
Make a list of eqt that you need to buy at the show
Gather pedigrees for any rabbits that need registered, are for sale, get your ARBA membership card also
Fill carriers with hay
Label your carriers
Make out your entry form and show remark cards
Pack the car with chairs, message board, extra pens, the show catalog
Fill water bottles filled, pack hay cubes, feed, carpet square, step stool, map
Groom the rabbits, check tatoos, trim nails, clean ears

 - All rabbits to be registered, sold or shown have been weighed and examined one last time

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Registering Holland Lops Rabbits

What does “Pedigreed” and “Registered” mean?

Official rabbit registration papers
Official rabbit registration papers
If you are new to showing or breeding rabbits, you may be a little confused about pedigreed rabbits and registered rabbits. Many of us have an idea about AKC registered dogs and try to apply that knowledge to rabbits, but that just doesn’t work! Registration is handled differently for rabbits. One of the main differences is that rabbits are not automatically qualified for registration just because the parents are registered (in fact, many registered rabbits have no registered parents or even grandparents). Another difference is that rabbits must be personally examined by a licensed registrar in order to be registered.
Let’s start at the beginning. If you are buying a rabbit that you might like to show or breed for show animals, make sure that you get a complete three-generation pedigree on the rabbit. By complete, I mean that the pedigree must contain the name, variety (color and indication if the pattern is broken), and weight for each ancestor for three generations. It’s okay if some of the ancestors are non-showable colors. It’s also nice to have the ear numbers for each of those animals. Additionally, a good pedigree will list any legs won, the registration number of registered animals, and any grand champion numbers that may apply. Besides obtaining the pedigree, make sure your new rabbit has no disqualifications, which we will discuss in more detail below. The same things that disqualify a rabbit from being shown disqualify it from being registered.
Most show rabbits have pedigrees.  However, not all rabbits with pedigrees qualify for official registration with the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

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